Latvia Publishes Important Catechistic Works

Latvia’s three most important published books were a catechistic book, Catechismus Catholicorum in 1585; a Latvian dictionary in 1638 by Georgius Mancelius; and a Latin grammar book by Johann Georg Rehehausen in 1644.

      1585, 1638, 1644,
      Georgius Mancelius

Additional Information:

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    The first book published in the Latvian language was the Catechism (1525) for the … Published in 1888, the epic poem remains the most symbolic work of Latvian … Other famous poets and writers included Ēriks Ādamsons, Anšlavs Eglītis, …
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    (a) The period with no written language (to 1525)[link]; (b) The oldest phase of Old Latvian … (i) Manuscripts during the period when printed works were banned[link] … Major specialists in the area of the etymology of Baltic languages all agree that …. In 1586, also in Vilnius, a Lutheran catechism was published in Latvian.
  • The Early History of Latvian Books – Nicholas Viksnins –
    In 1960, Karlis Egle published a treatise “Par Latviešu gramatniecibas šakumu” (“On the … The fate of this book is very interesting. … it can be assumed that he then undertook the task of translating the Canizius Catechism into Latvian. … In this time of operations (1626 -1657), the quality of the printed works rose to very high …
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    Aug 25, 2016 – The book, shaped from three volumes, is one of the most important works in Latvian letters. It’s the first book to be printed in Latvian, here in …

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