Cryptanalysis Treatise Written in Arabic

Cryptanalysis treatise Kitab al-mu’amma (Book of Secret Language), was written by Al-Khalil ibn Ahmad, Arabic philologist circa 750 in Basra, Iraq and author of the first Arabic dictionary. Ibn Ahmad and other Muslim scholars are considered the founders of cryptanalytic science.

      750 CE
      Al-Khalil ibn Ahmad
      Basra, Iraq

Additional Information:

  • Al-Khalil ibn Ahmad al-Farahidi – Wikipedia
    Born in 718 to Azdi parents of modest means, al-Farahidi was from southern Arabia (modern day Oman) and later moved to Basra, Iraq.
  • Al-Kindi, Cryptography, Code Breaking and Ciphers | Muslim Heritage
    Cryptography paved the way for the development of arguably humanity’s greatest … He therefore demonstrated ingenuity by stripping a writing tablet of its wax coating … and the Banu Musa Brothers worked on translating Greek texts to Arabic. … was able to describe Cryptanalysis within two sentences of his greatest treatise …
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    Cryptanalysis of Arabic Poetry, ibn Tabataba Treatise … They have written on the science of cryptology and developed it, thus becoming its founders in their own …
  • Al-Kindi – Wikipedia
    Abu Yūsuf Yaʻqūb ibn ʼIsḥāq aṣ-Ṣabbāḥ al-Kindī was an Arab Muslim philosopher, ….. In his treatise on cryptanalysis, he wrote: One way to solve an …
  • Al-Khalil ibn Ahmad al-Farahidi – Wikipedia
    Abu ‘Abd ar-Raḥmān al-Khalīl ibn Aḥmad ibn ‘Amr ibn Tammām al-Farāhīdī al-Azdī …. Kitab al-Ayn was the first dictionary written for the Arabic language. … Messages”, was the first book on cryptography and cryptanalysis written by a linguist. …. ISBN 9789004215375; Jump up ^ Gerhard Bowering, “Sulami’s treatise on the …

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