Mass Produced Double-Sided Recording Discs

In 1904, a manufacturing company called Odeon Company of Germany began mass-producing double-sided recording discs. These discs were based on the “Red Seal” 10-inch discs developed by the Victor Company in 1901.

      1901, 1904

Additional Information:

  • History of Recording – Electricka
    The Edison “Speaking Phonograph Company” is formed. Edison gets so … and vocal quartets. German born Emile Berliner produces his “gramophone” using flat discs. … Gianni Bettini begins selling cylinder recordings by famous opera singers. Kinetoscope, an … Odeon issues the first double-sided records. Columbia …
  • Inventing Recorded Music: The Recorded Repertoire in … – jstor
    Berliner’s gramophone began to push out. Edison’s … in the ease of mass producing recordings on an industrial scale. In the United States, ….. Sweden, which were issued on 248 single- or double-sided discs, including at least one … Several smaller German companies now also appeared in Scandinavia, mainly aiming at …
  • Pre-revolutionary –
    «Beka Records» was a record label based in Germany, active from about 1903 to … The records were two-sided, 25 cm, with dark-blue label. … Seaman decided to start his own company to produce disc records and disc …. for manufacturing shellac mass for gramophone records as well as pressing … Odeon-Record (344).
  • Odeon Records | Revolvy
    In the 1920s and 1930s about 70% of the German Odeon production was … began issuing foreign recordings in the United States on the Odeon label. … While other companies were making single-side discs, Odeon made them double-sided. …… He also sang in the 1893 premiere of Ethel Smyth’s Mass in D at the Royal Alb …

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