First Manufactured Female Condom

Female Health Company, of Chicago, IL, USA manufactured Reality, the first female worn condom that was sold in a soft plastic pouch, in 1993.

      Female Health Company
      Chicago, IL, USA

Additional Information:

  • History of the female condom – Laboratoire Terpan
    PAMarketed since 1992 in the United States under the name Femidom ®, it appeared in Europe, especially in England, some years later. The first version of the condom, FC1, is a polyurethane sheath, single size, hypoallergenic, containing two rings: an inner ring made ​​of polyurethane and an outer ring of nitrile.RA
  • Female condom (girl condoms, contraception) information | myVMC
    History of the female condom. The female condom was developed as an alternative to male condoms, in recognition that the decision to use male condoms was highly dependent on the willingness of the male sexual partner as the male condom is fitted onto the male sexual organ.
  • Female condom – Wikipedia
    The FC1 female condom was first made from polyurethane. The second generation female condom is called the FC2 and is made from synthetic nitrile (this material change was announced in September 2005, and full transition of the product line to FC2 was done by October 2009).
  • About Female Condoms | National Female Condom Coalition
    The chart below tells more about the FC2 and shows the two other female condoms available in other countries—the Woman’s Condom and the Cupid.
  • Mission and History | National Female Condom Coalition
    Mission. The mission of the National Female Condom Coalition is to increase awareness, access, and use of female condoms through education, advocacy, and …

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