Italy Opens First Public Hospital

Christian convert St. Fabiola, founded the first public hospital in Rome Italy in 396 financed by selling her property and nursing the sick in her converted home into a hospital. She was the first female surgeon. Her teacher, St. Jerome, wrote of her: “Often did she carry on her own shoulders persons infected with jaundice and filth. Often too did she wash away the matter discharged from wounds which others, even though men, could not bear to look at.”

      396 CE
      St. Fabiola
      Rome, Italy

Additional Information:

  • Saint Fabiola – Wikipedia
    Saint Fabiola was a nurse (physician) and Roman matron of rank of the company of noble Roman women who, under the influence of the Church father St. Jerome gave up all earthly pleasures and devoted themselves to the practice of Christian asceticism and charitable work. … She erected a fine hospital at Rome, and waited on the inmates herself, and …
  • Who invented hospitals…and WHY? – Constant Contact
    Healthcare for the poor traces its roots to Christianity. … named St. Fabiola gave money to build a hospital for the poor in Rome and cared for the sick herself. … The Benedictine Monastery in Salerno, Italy, founded the oldest and most famous …
  • Fabiola |
    She founded at Rome the first civilian public hospital in western Europe, and also … Fabiola was a Roman matron of noble birth who converted to Christianity and … St. Jerome, her teacher and spiritual advisor, remarked that there was no …
  • Saint Fabiola | Revolvy
    At the time of St. Jerome’s stay at Rome (382-84), Fabiola was not one of the … sums to the churches and religious communities at Rome and other places in Italy. …. which finally culminates in her conversion to Christianity, brought on by Syra …. 390 CE – The first general hospital was established in Rome by Saint Fabiola.
  • From poorhouse to hospital | Christian History Magazine
    Christians, however, were the first to open public hospitals—institutions designed to … In 312 the emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, and that faith began its … Eustathios founded a leprosarium outside Sebasteia in 355, providing care for … In the Western, Latin half of the Empire—Rome and Italy, Gaul (France), …

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