RCA Patents the Electronic Television System

Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, Russian-American electrical engineer invented an electronic television system while at the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), received two patents on December 20, 1938. One patent was for the iconoscope, a cathode-ray transmitting tube, the second patent was for the kinescope, or cathode-ray receiving tube, the device that displays the image on all televisions and most computer monitors. Zworykin was the first to develop practical implementations despite early 1908 predictions.

      December 20, 1938
      Vladimir Kosma Zworykin
      Electrical Engineer

Additional Information:

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    Jul 3, 2018 – He did, however, have a patent for a television system built around this … idea of electronic television at least a year before Zworykin’s patent …
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    Apr 11, 2019 – He made his first successful electronic television transmission in 1927. … Zworykin was enthusiastic about the image dissector, and RCA offered … other necessary parts of a television system were patented by Farnsworth.
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    Sep 1, 2000 – Revisionist history says RCA, but in truth it was a Mormon farm boy named … inventor and the indomitable mogul at the helm of the first electronic … the supply of a physical product-oil-as well as the system for piping and … from the patents on the device itself to the creation and distribution of programming.

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