Mesopotamians Brewed Beer

Early Mesopotamians brewed beer from malted barley before 4000 BCE.

      4000 BCE

Additional Information:

  • History of beer – Wikipedia
    In Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq), early evidence of beer is a 3,900-year-old Sumerian poem honoring Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing, which contains the oldest surviving beer recipe, describing the production of beer from barley via bread.
  • Beer in the Ancient World – Ancient History Encyclopedia
    First Beer Brewing. The first beer in the world was brewed by the ancient Chinese around the year 7000 BCE (known as kui). In the west, however, the process now recognized as beer brewing began in Mesopotamia at the Godin Tepe settlement now in modern-day Iran between 3500 – 3100 BCE.
  • Brewing in Ancient Mesopotamia | Synonym
    Beer brewing is thought to have been in practice in ancient Mesopotamia prior to 4000 B.C. Many references to brewing appear in literature …
  • Beer in Ancient Mesopotamia – Quora
    Feb 22, 2018 – The Mesopotamians – yes, the very same people who lived in ‘the … Beer, brewed from barley and without hops, was a significant part of the …
    Jump to Ancient Brewing Techniques – Ed Hitchcock wrote in BrewingTechniques: “How was the beer made and what was it like? This question can be …

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