Tunnel Linking France and Switzerland

A 7 km mountain tunnel linking France and Switzerland under Mount Cenis in the Alps was completed in December 1870. French engineer Germain Sommeiller, invented a compressed-air rock drilling machine for the project and first used Alfred Nobel’s new invention, dynamite.

      December, 1870
      Germain Sommeiller
      France, Switzerland

Additional Information:

  • History of rail transport in Switzerland – Wikipedia
    The first internal Swiss line, the 16 km long Swiss Northern Railway (German: Schweizerische Nordbahn, SNB) opened from Zürich to Baden in 1847. Private companies – led by Swiss entrepreneurs, industrialists and bankers – built the next wave of railways.
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    Nov 7, 2017 – The construction of railway tunnels in the Alps marked the history of Europe … the tunnel in a contentious border context between France and Italy. … who were to be hired first and foremost in Switzerland, on account of their experience. … 1830-années 1880), Ph.D. thesis in history under the direction
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    He wasn’t the first alpine traveler to wish there were another way. … Channel Tunnel between England and France and the present record-holder, Japan’s 54-kilometer-long …. The current tunnel builders are following in a long history of Swiss engineering … By 1870 the railway had arrived, bringing modernity in its wake.
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    In 1847 the first railroad opened between Zürich and Baden. … Tunnel and the 9-mile (14.5-km) Lötschberg Tunnel linking Bern to Brig were also opened to rail … War (1870–71), in which the problems of interning a French army on Swiss soil …
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