Invention of the Mass Spectrometer

Joseph John Thomson invented the mass spectrometer or parabola spectrograph in Cambridge, England in 1913. The machine identified chemical substance samples by ionizing and sorting in a magnetic field. Francis William Aston invented a similar device, the mass spectrograph in 1919.

      1913, 1919
      Joseph John Thomson
      Cambridge, England

Additional Information:

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    The mass spectrometer was invented by F. W. Aston shortly after World War I. By 1927 Aston had built an instrument that was accurate to more than 1 part in 10,000, and mass spectrometry became the method of choice for measuring the relative mass of an atom or molecule.
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    Jul 31, 2008 – in the petroleum industry were using the mass spectrometer to measure the … was “invented” while its discoverer, J. J. Thomson, was looking.
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