Calvinist Reformed Church in Switzerland

John Calvin (born Jean Cauvin) founded the Calvinist Reformed Church in Geneva, Switzerland from a community of French Protestant refugees in 1536. Calvinist theology asserts atonement for sin affected by the death of Jesus that was reflective of a minority of believers who were predestined for salvation.

      1530, 1536
      John Calvin
      Geneva, Switzerland

Additional Information:

  • Protestantism in Switzerland – Wikipedia
    While the vast majority of Protestants in Switzerland adhere to a Reformed confession (Zwinglian or Calvinist), an Anabaptist minority has been present in Switzerland since the Swiss Reformation, organized in the Swiss Mennonite Conference (since 1810) and the Baptist Church (since 1849).
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    The Swiss Reformed Church is the Reformed branch of Protestantism in Switzerland started in … The Zwingli and Calvin branches had each their theological distinctions, but in 1549 under the lead of Bullinger and Calvin they came to a …
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    The Evangelical-Reformed Church of the Canton of Zürich is a Reformed State Church in Zürich. In 2004 it had 533,000 members and 179 parishes with 900 house fellowships and 520 ordained clergy. Official language is German. It is a member of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches. … in Switzerland · Protestantism in Switzerland · Calvinist and Reformed …
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    Apr 4, 2009 – At first both Lutherans and Zwinglians were called Reformed, but later the name clung to those who were followers of Zwingli and Calvin.
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    The Protestant churches in Switzerland are products of the 16th century … mainly Zwinglian in the German-speaking part of the country, and Calvinist in the …

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