Egyptian Held Wrestling Matches

Egyptians and Babylonians held wrestling matches as per pictorial evidence dating from 3000 BC, and similar to modern day belt wrestling.

      3000 BCE

Additional Information:

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    In Pharaonic Egypt, wrestling has been evidenced by documentation on tombs (circa 2300 BC) and Egyptian artwork (2000-1085 BC). Greek wrestling was a popular form of martial art, at least in Ancient Greece (about 1100 to 146 BC). Oil wrestling is the national sport of Turkey and it can be traced back to Central Asia.
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    Ancient Egyptian wrestling. Wrestling and grappling sports have a long and complicated history, stretching into prehistoric ….. By the 1960s international wrestling matches in Greco-Roman and freestyle were scored by a panel of three judges in …
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    Wrestling was extremely popular with the ancient Egyptians, judging by the …. portion discarded gives an example of a Nubian-Egyptian wrestling match from.
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    Feb 14, 2013 – Two thousand years before the first Olympic games were held in ancient Greece, sports played a significant social and political role. Judging …
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    During the Ancient Olympic Games, from 708 B.C., wrestling was the decisive …. In Amsterdam, in 1928, the Egyptian wrestler Ibrahim Mustafa was the first …

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