First Spoked Wheels Found in Iraq

Archeologists David W. Anthony and Dorcas Brown of Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY, USA excavated graves on the steppes of Russia and Kazakhstan in 1995 discovering traces of the first spoked wheels mixed with the skulls and bones of sacrificed horses that derived from chariots dating back to 3500 BCE. Similar wheels did not appear in Mesopotamia until circa 2000 BCE.

      3500 BCE
      David W. Anthony
      Ukraine, Kazakhstan

Additional Information:

  • Wheel – Wikipedia
    The spoked wheel was invented more recently, and allowed the construction of lighter and swifter vehicles. The earliest known examples of wooden spoked wheels are in the context of the Sintashta culture, dating to c. 2000 BCE (Krivoye Lake).
  • A Salute to the Wheel | Science | Smithsonian
    Jun 17, 2009 – The first wheels were not used for transportation. … Art historian Andrea Matthies has found comical illustrations, one from the 15th …. So basically, if a spoke of a wheel is in a 12 o’clock position in one frame and then in the …
  • Evolution of the wheel | All About History
    May 4, 2014 – Early humans in the Palaeolithic era (15,000 to 750,000 years ago) … of years until a potter’s wheel was used in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) in 3500 BC. The oldest wooden wheel discovered so far was found in Ljubljana, … the Egyptians created the spoked wheel around 2000 BC, while Celtic chariots …
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    Jun 2, 2009 – The first iron rims around the wheel were seen on Celtic chariots in 1000 BC. The spoked wheel remained pretty much the same until 1802, …
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    May 10, 1995 – Archaeological evidence indicates that although human beings first settled in … Sumer, in what is now southern Iraq, also produced some of the world’s first cities … Further attempts to cut weight led to invention of the spoked wheel … Ric Ocasek, frontman of the Cars, found dead in his Manhattan apartment.

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