King James IV of Scotland Practiced Dentistry

King James IV of Scotland, practiced dentistry learning how to extract and cauterize teeth from a barber in 1503, and later acquired a set of dental instruments and practiced on his own household.

      King James IV

Additional Information:

  • History Bites : Scottish Dental magazine
    Nov 19, 2015 – King James IV – Royal Dentist Hunting, falconry and jousting are the typical sports of kings in the long-distant past, but James IV of Scotland (1473-1513) had another hobby: dentistry. … He was also keen on dental hygiene, as it is recorded he bought two gold toothpicks suspended from a chain.
  • James IV of Scotland – Wikipedia
    Jump to Legends of the King’s resting place – The legend ran that, before the Scots charge at Flodden, James had ripped off his royal surcoat to show …
    pated in its practice as did the subject of our present study, King. James IV of … noble King James IV was well learned in the Art of Medicine, and also a cunning ….. Dental instruments depicted in Peter Lowe’s ” Whole Art of. Chyrurgerie,” 1597 …
  • 10 Weird Things about King James IV of Scotland | Spooky Isles
    Aug 6, 2018 – James IV was a follower of science and also practiced medicine and dentistry. On occasion he compassionately paid patients for allowing him …
  • The King of Scotland’s Peculiar Language Experiment …
    Feb 18, 2016 – Of all the king’s intellectual interests, however, his love of language was perhaps the … Of all Scotland’s kings, James IV is remembered as a true … studied dentistry and surgery, licensed the first printworks in Scotland, and …

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