First Silk Waterproof Umbrella

The first waterproof umbrella was an oiled silk umbrella owned by King Louis XIII of France in 1637. Earlier umbrellas and parasols were used as sunshades, not as protection from rain.

      King Louis XIII

Additional Information:

  • History of Umbrella – Who Invented Umbrella?
    This invention however happened in China in 11th century BC, where first silk and waterproof umbrellas started being used by nobility and royalty. As a sign of power influential people carried multi-tiered umbrellas, with Chinese Emperor himself being protected with four tiers of very elaborate parasol.
  • Umbrella – Wikipedia
    An umbrella or parasol is a folding canopy supported by wooden or metal ribs, which is usually …. A 1st century collapsible umbrella has since been recovered from the tomb of Wang Guang at … The Chinese design was later brought to Japan via Korea and also introduced to Persia and the Western world via the Silk Road.
  • Chinese Umbrellas -The Earliest Umbrella – Umbrella History
    In the long and eventful history of the umbrellas, china had one of the most … Since the appearance of first silk umbrellas in China, they represented true works …
  • What is the History of the Rain Umbrella? – Cheeky Umbrella
    Rather, the modern day rain umbrella was first used not to defend against the wet … The umbrella canopies of the 1600’s were woven out of silk, which provided …
  • Chinese inventions: Umbrellas and parasols |
    Mar 16, 2017 – Umbrellas and parasols, Chinese inventions created to protect not only from … The earliest umbrellas were made from silk, and only later was paper used. … make them waterproof, while the frame and handle were made from the bark … China’s first baby born via a transplanted uterus was born on Sunday …

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