French Seaplane Takes Flight

The first seaplane designed by Frenchman Henri Fabre launched on March 28, 1910 from Martigues near Marseilles, France. The following year a practical seaplane was designed and piloted by American aviator Glenn Hammond Curtiss.

      March 28th 1910
      Henri Fabre
      Marseilles, France

Additional Information:

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    March 28, 1910: It Floats, It Flies, It’s a Seaplane. 1910: Henri Fabre makes the first successful seaplane flight at Martigues, near Marseilles, France. … The Austrian William Kress built a seaplane in 1901 that floated but wouldn’t take off.Mar 28, 2012
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    A seaplane is a powered fixed-wing aircraft capable of taking off and landing (alighting) on … In a flying boat, the main source of buoyancy is the fuselage, which acts like a ship’s hull in the water because the … Other pioneers also attempted to attach floats to aircraft in Britain, Australia, France and the United States.
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    A flying boat is a fixed-winged seaplane with a hull, allowing it to land on water, that usually has … Fabre’s first successful take off and landing by a powered seaplane inspired …. In September 1919 British company Supermarine started operating the first flying boat service in the world, from Woolston to Le Havre in France, …
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