French Physicist Creates the First Photograph

Joseph-Nicephore Niepce, a French physicist created the first photograph in 1826, following his invention of photoengraving in 1816. The image is a view from an upper window of his house and formed on a pewter plate inside a camera obscura over the course of an eight-hour exposure. The preserved photograph is at the University of Texas, USA.

      Joseph-Nicephore Niepce

Additional Information:

  • Louis Daguerre | French painter and physicist | Britannica
    Louis Daguerre, in full Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, (born November 18, 1787, Cormeilles, near Paris, France—died July 10, 1851, Bry-sur-Marne), French painter and physicist who invented the first practical process of photography, known as the daguerreotype.Nov 14, 2019
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    Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre better known as Louis Daguerre, was a French artist and photographer, recognized for his invention of the daguerreotype process of photography. He became known as one of the fathers of photography. Though he is most famous for his contributions to photography, he was also … Arrangements were made for Daguerre’s rights to be acquired by the French …
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    From the moment of its birth, photography had a dual character—as a … On January 7, 1839, members of the French Académie des Sciences were shown … In 1829, he had formed a partnership with Nicéphore Niépce, who had been working … in a scoop that appeared the day before daguerreotypes were first shown to the …
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    May 23, 2015 – The world’s first photograph made in a camera was taken in 1826 by Joseph … The first photograph of our sun was taken by French Physicists …

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