The Ladies Mercury Published an Advice Column

The first advice column appeared in the premiere issue of the women’s magazine The Ladies’s Mercury, on June 27, 1693 as published by John Dunton, a London bookseller. The entire magazine comprised of a double-sided sheet of paper devoted to the advice column offering expert replies to readers questions on related matters to love, marriage, and sex.

      June 27, 1693
      John Dunton
      London, England

Additional Information:

  • The Ladies’ Mercury – Wikipedia
    It printed an advice column starting 27 February 1693. The Ladies Mercury was a weekly publication promising to respond to “all the most nice and curious questions concerning love, marriage, behaviour, dress and humour of the female sex, whether virgins, wives, or widows.”
  • The Athenian Mercury – Wikipedia
    The Athenian Mercury, or The Athenian Gazette, or The Question Project, or The Casuistical Mercury, was a periodical written by The Athenian Society and published in … A spin-off of The Athenian Mercury, The Ladies’ Mercury was also published by The … Scholars credit Dunton with initiating the advice column format.
  • Nichols Newspapers Collection | Notable Documents – Gale
    The Athenian Mercury was a twice-weekly periodical published by The Athenian Society, believed to have introduced the advice column format. … The Female Tatler began in July 1709, but in August (from issue 19) the publication split into …
  • The Athenian Oracle (1820) – The Public Domain Review
    Its Editor-in-Chief John Dunton had come upon the idea of having an advice column in the magazine, giving the … Some of the questions were written by women, resulting in a spin-off called The Ladies’ Mercury which was published for four …
  • Dear Athenian Mercury: Questions And Answers From The …
    Mar 28, 2011 – I’m an advice column junkie. … should not apologize for reorganizing his mother-in-law’s Ladies of the American Revolution tampon collection.

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