Exhibition Catalog First Used Term International Style

The term ‘international style’ was first used in an exhibition catalog, The International Style: Architecture Since 1922 in 1932. As prepared by architects Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Cortelyou Johnson for the Museum of Modern Art in New York, NY, USA. International Style referred to the dominant Western building style of the mid-20th century, that unadorned industrial materials such as: glass, steel, and concrete creating visual qualities of mostly rectilinear, undecorated, asymmetrical and white.

      1932, 1922
      Henry-Russell Hitchcock; Philip Cortelyou Johnson
      New York, NY, USA

Additional Information:

  • International Style | architecture | Britannica
    International Style. … The term International Style was first used in 1932 by Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson in their essay titled The International Style: Architecture Since 1922, which served as a catalog for an architectural exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Art.
  • International Style (architecture) – Wikipedia
    The International Style is a major architectural style that was developed in the 1920s and 1930s and was closely related to modernism and modern architecture. It was first defined by Museum of Modern Art curators Henry-Russell … Prior to use of the term ‘International Style’, some American architects—such as Louis …
  • International style – Art Term | Tate
    Tate glossary definition for international style: Term first used in 1932 to describe architects … In 1932 the Museum of Modern Art in New York held the first architectural … Henry-Russell Hitchcock and architect Philip Johnson for the catalogue.
  • Modern architecture : international exhibition, New York, — PDF
    The Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition history— ….. 2 The International Style: Architecture Since 1922 by Henry-Russell … often of the Medieval periods, designed their fagades and plans in terms of bi ….. the preparation of this catalogue. 29 …
  • International Style – Buffalo Architecture and History
    The term International Style came from the 1932 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, organized by Philip Johnson, and from the title of the exhibition catalog …

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