First National Geographic Issue with Holographic Cover

The National Geographic magazine published a hologram on the March 1984 edition cover from their Washington, DC, USA office. Nearly 11 million magazine copies were distributed worldwide making it the first hologram to be mass distributed. The December 1988 issue had a complete holographic cover depicting double laser image of glass models of the earth, one whole and one exploding on the front cover. The spine featured holographic text, while the back cover was a holographic advertisements. The front cover image was created using a pulsed laser with an exposure of seven-billionths of a second. The American Bank Note Holographics of Elmsford, NY, USA, embossed both holograms onto a plastic roll and transferred them to a 30-inch wide roll of special aluminum foil, then laminated roll-to-roll to the magazine’s regular cover stock and covered with a gold-tinted scratch-resistant coating by Forest Products in Monroe, LA, USA.

      March 1984, 1988
      Washington, DC, USA

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