Wilkinson Produced a Reaming Machine

John Wilkinson, an English master machinist invented a reaming machine in 1775, used to produce accurate and polished cylinders in 1775.

      John Wilkinson
      Master Machinist

Additional Information:

  • David Wilkinson (machinist) – Wikipedia
    David Wilkinson (machinist) David Wilkinson (January 5, 1771 – February 3, 1852) was a U.S. mechanical engineer who invented a lathe for cutting screw threads, which was extremely important in the development of the machine tool industry in the early 19th century.
  • David Wilkinson | American inventor | Britannica
    Jan 1, 2020 – Wilkinson was the son of a blacksmith, and in 1797 he invented a gauge and sliding … He produced much of the manufacturing machinery used by. … holes are drilled first; engine lathes are equipped for drilling coaxial holes.
  • Boring machine | Britannica
    Boring machine, device for producing smooth and accurate holes in a workpiece by enlarging existing holes … John Wilkinson … …hole-machining operations, such as drilling, boring, reaming, counterboring, countersinking, and threading…
  • David Wilkinson – ASME
    Jul 6, 2012 – David Wilkinson (1771 – 1852) may not be a household name, but without his work the machine tool industry would not likely be what it is today. … Wilkinson’s work with the screw-cutting lathe and other devices had significant implications for an emerging textile industry.
  • Cutting Tool Applications Chapter 11: Reaming and Tapping …
    Reamers are usually made of High Speed Steel, although solid carbide and carbide … Reaming is performed using the same types of machines as drilling.
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