Wool Clothing Discovered in Ancient Turkey

Remnants of wool clothing made of animal fibre were found at the mound of catalhoyuk in Turkey, dating back to 6500 BCE. Wool cloth was also found at Stone Age lake-dwelling sites in Switzerland.

      6500 BCE
      Turkey, Switzerland

Additional Information:

  • Site in Turkey Yields Oldest Cloth Ever Found – The New York …
    Jul 13, 1993 – Archeologists digging at the site in southern Turkey, a place known today as Cayonu (pronounced chi-O-noo), have found a fragment of white cloth wrapped around the handle of a tool made from antler.
  • History of clothing and textiles – Wikipedia
    The study of the history of clothing and textiles traces the development, use, and availability of … From the ancient times to the present day, methods of textile production have continually evolved, and the choices of … A Danish recreation of clothing found with such bodies indicates woven wool dresses, tunics and skirts.
  • Turkish Textiles History | Study.com
    To discover what can happen to textile production in a country where it … Clothing is manufactured from textiles or fabrics and cloth made from natural and/or … The Turkish state classified all textiles into three groups of cotton, wool, or silk. … Early American Textiles · Aztec Textiles: Facts & History · Ancient Chinese Textiles …
  • History of Turkish Clothing – Turkish Culture Portal
    TURKISH CLOTHING. The earliest sources found in the history of Turkish clothing date back to the miniatures and wall pictures uncovered in Central Asia. Sources of 100 B.C. reveal that woolen and cotton fabric was woven on handlooms but silk came from China.
  • the early history of felt – AnthroSource [PDF]
    horses. The making of felt naturally presupposes the existence of wool- furnishing … the ancient Turkish tribes had any system of writing so that no records of their earliest … cient remains of felt have been discovered incentral Asia. More than that, … cipality Chao, adopted the clothing and the tactics of shooting with the bow.

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