Herophilus Times First Human Pulse

Greek physician Herophilus, founder of anatomy science timed the pulse using a water clock in Alexandria, Egypt, in the third century BCE. Herophilus died circa 280 BCE.

      280 BCE
      Alexandria, Egypt

Additional Information:

  • Herophilos – Wikipedia
    Herophilos sometimes Latinised Herophilus, was a Greek physician deemed to be among the earliest anatomists. Born in Chalcedon, he spent the majority of his life in Alexandria. He was the first scientist to systematically perform scientific dissections of human … Dissections of human cadavers were banned in most places at the time, …
  • Greek anatomist herophilus: the father of anatomy – NCBI
    Jump to Anatomical Discoveries of the Human Body – Herophilus is recognized as the first person to perform systematic … of the human body at that time (Prioreschi 2001). … Even then, dissection was perceived as a “violent impulse” …
  • A Brief Journey into the History of the Arterial Pulse – Hindawi
    Despite Hippocrates (375 BC) being reported to describe the characteristics of the arterial pulse in several conditions such as fever and lethargy in his book on humors [14, 15], it was Praxagoras of Kos (340 BC) who was the first physician credited for examining the pulse in ancient Greek literature [16].
  • The Neuroanatomy of Herophilus – FullText – European …
    Feb 23, 2013 – Born in Chalcedon, Asia Minor, little is known Herophilus’s early life. … anatomy by differentiating arteries from veins and who first measured the pulse, … century BC), Herophilus was probably the first person to dissect human cadavers, … The concept at this time was of three mental functions: the sensus …
  • Herophilus | Alexandrian physician | Britannica
    Herophilus, Alexandrian physician who was an early performer of public dissections on human cadavers; and often called the father of anatomy. As a member of … He was first to measure the pulse, for which he used a water clock. Herophilus …

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