Pyrrho of Elis Founds Dogmatic Skepticism

Pyrrho of Elis of Greece, founder of one of the two ancient branches of Skepticism who lived from 365-275 BCE. Pyrrho held that the arguments for or against any supposedly known fact are equally valid the only reasonable position is the withholding of belief in any knowledge. Once reconciled to not knowing anything, an individual would attain serenity of mind. None of Pyrrho’s works survived, and is known primarily from writings of Sextus Empiricus dated to circa 200 CE.

      310 BCE
      Pyrrho of Elis
      Skeptic Founder

Additional Information:

  • Ancient Skepticism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy …
    “Ancient skepticism,” as it is standardly understood, encompasses two schools of philosophy which make doubt their fundamental theme. One is Pyrrhonism, which claims Pyrrho of Elis (4th–3rd c. B.C.E.) as its founder, though Pyrrho’s ties to “Pyrrhonism” are loose and often indirect.
  • Pyrrho – Wikipedia
    Pyrrho of Elis was a Greek philosopher of Classical antiquity and is credited as being the first Greek skeptic philosopher and founder of Pyrrhonism. … described by Sextus Empiricus, would be considered a negative dogmatic belief. … and that the key innovative tenets of Pyrrho’s skepticism were only found in Indian …
  • Pyrrhonism – Wikipedia
    Pyrrhonism is a school of philosophical skepticism founded by Pyrrho in the fourth century BCE. … Pyrrho of Elis (c. 360 – c. … that is, dogma. They disputed that the dogmatists had found truth regarding non-evident matters. … According to Pyrrhonism, even the statement that nothing can be known is dogmatic. They thus …
  • Ancient Skepticism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
    Feb 24, 2010 – The skeptics (among them Pyrrho, Timon, Arcesilaus, Carneades, … The firm assertion, as found in these philosophers’ works, that there is no … If skeptics suspend judgment, argues their dogmatic opponent, they are not able to act. … Pyrrho of Elis was also a powerful advocate of such a position.
  • Ancient Greek Skepticism | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    273 B.C.E to 1st century B.C.E.) or to a follower of Pyrrho (c. … a wider array of skeptical arguments against any possible dogmatic position, … Lucullus 16), and similarly found his inspiration and model in Plato’s Socrates. … Pyrrho of Elis (c.

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