Dolly Gives Birth to Bonnie The Sheep

Dolly, the first cloned sheep gave birth to a female lamb, Bonnie on April 13, 1998, at the Roslin Institute in Scotland. The father, David was a naturally born Welsh Mountain ram.

      April 13, 1990
      Roslin, Scotland

Additional Information:

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    Dolly was cloned from a cell taken from the mammary gland of a six-year-old Finn … Their first lamb, Bonnie, was born in April 1998, twins Sally and Rosie were … After Dolly gave birth to her last lambs in September 2000, it was discovered …
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    May 2, 1998 – THE birth of Dolly’s first lamb, Bonnie, announced last week, provides … While mammalian clones have given birth before, extra questions …
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    Dolly, the world’s first cloned sheep, has successfully given birth, it was announced yesterday. The female lamb, which has been named Bonnie, was born at 4 …
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    Apr 23, 1998 – First came Dolly, now Bonnie – a female lamb that was born to the world’s first cloned sheep. Scientists hope the healthy birth will help promote …
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    Offspring, Six lambs (Bonnie; twins Sally and Rosie; triplets Lucy, Darcy and Cotton). Named after, Dolly Parton. Dolly (5 July 1996 – 14 February 2003) was a female domestic sheep, and the first mammal … The next year Dolly produced twin lambs Sally and Rosie, and she gave birth to triplets Lucy, Darcy and Cotton in …

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