Marc Sautet Organized Philosophy Cafés

Philosopher, Marc Sautet organized regular philosophy discussion groups at the philosophy café or Café des Phares in Paris, France in 1992. The philosophy café concept eventually spread in 1997 to more than 20 in Paris, and across Belgium, England, Greece, Switzerland, Japan, and the United States.

      1992, 1997
      Marc Sautet
      Paris, France

Additional Information:

  • Café philosophique – Wikipedia
    Sautet started the idea of philosophy cafés in the Place de la Bastille neighborhood of Paris at the Café des Phares on December 13, 1992. He would gather some friends at his “café philo” each Sunday at 11 am and opened up philosophical debates (“conceptual fisticuffs”) for some two hours.
  • Marc Sautet – Wikipedia
    Marc Sautet (25 February 1947 – 3 March 1998) was a French writer, teacher, translator (mainly of Nietzsche), and philosopher. He was a Doctor of Philosophy (B. Litt.) … He wished his philosophy cafes to be for all people (parleurs de la taverne)) and … trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.
  • Thought For Food: Cafes Offer Philosophy In France – The …
    May 2, 1998 – anyone can take the floor; philosophy is still held in high esteem in France, and … Yet this is far from an organized rebellion of thinkers. … Marc Sautet, the founding father of the philo-cafes, liked telling the story of how the first …
  • Practicing philosophy at the café – Paris on the Brain
    Apr 12, 2017 – The first café-philo had taken place at that very café in 1992, organized by philosophy professor Marc Sautet. As the story goes, Sautet …
  • Salons, cafés, and pubs: The European tradition of … [PDF]
    Salons, cafés, and pubs: The European tradition of doing philosophy in public … Marc Sautet, initiated the first café philosophique in Paris at the Café des Phares. … (Aspden, 1998) The idea of organizing public meetings to discuss philosophi- …

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