Plague of Antoninus Epidemic Spreads Across Europe

The worst European smallpox epidemic was the Plague of Antoninus which decimated Rome, Italy, between 165 and 180 during Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ reign. The plague killed one-fourth to one-third of the population. The earliest epidemic was circa 1600 BCE around Egypt, China, and India.

      165 CE
      Rome, Italy

Additional Information:

  • History of Plague Before 1347 • Black Death Facts
    Read about the First Pandemic and some of the key outbreaks preceding the … Plagues were not unknown in Europe at the time of the Black Death. … A woodcut depicting Jews, wrongly accused of deliberately spreading plague, being burned … Empire was afflicted by the Antonine Plague (believed to have been measles).
  • Antonine Plague – Wikipedia
    Ancient sources agree that the epidemic appeared first during the Roman siege of Seleucia in the winter of 165–166. Ammianus Marcellinus reports that the plague spread to Gaul and to the legions along the Rhine. Eutropius asserts that a large population died throughout the Empire.
  • Antonine Plague – Ancient History Encyclopedia
    May 2, 2019 – Sometime between late 165 to early 166 CE, the Roman military came into contact with the disease during the siege of Seleucia (a major city on the Tigris River). Troops returning from the wars in the East spread the disease northward to Gaul and among troops stationed along the Rhine River.
  • Pandemics That Changed History: Timeline – HISTORY
    Feb 27, 2019 – Responsible for the death of one-third of the world population, this second appearance of the bubonic plague possibly started in Asia and moved west in caravans. Entering through Sicily in 1347 A.D. when plague sufferers arrived in the port of Messina, it spread throughout Europe rapidly.
  • Epidemics and Plagues timeline | Timetoast timelines
    “Antonine” plague kills 5 million people of the Roman empire (165-180). “Antonine” … Syphilis epidemic in Europe; spreads widely in Europe (1490). Jan 1 …

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