Christine de Pisan

Christine de Pisan was the first professional female author, as a means to support three children following the death of her courtier husband in 1389. Pisan’s works include biography of King Charles V; the effects of France’s wars; a treatise of moral instruction for women; and an autobiography filling 15 volumes. Some works were commissioned by the nobility from the poem Epistre du dieu d’amours (Letter from the God of Loves), 1399; Le Livre de la cite des dames (The Book of the City of Ladies) in 1405 that initiated a literary defense of women against their condemnation by male authors and their maltreatment.

      1389, 1399
      Christine de Pisan

Additional Information:

  • Christine de Pizan – Wikipedia
    Christine de Pizan or Pisan (French pronunciation: [kʁistin də pizɑ̃] ( listen)), born Cristina da Pizzano (1364 – c. 1430), was a poet and author at the court of King Charles VI of France. She is best remembered for defending women in The Book of the City of Ladies and The Treasure of the City of Ladies.
  • Christine de Pisan – Poet, Journalist – Biography
    Jul 9, 2019 – Christine de Pisan was one of the most notable women writers of medieval times who is known for her pioneering works about women. Synopsis.
  • Christine de Pisan | French writer | Britannica
    Christine de Pisan, (born 1364, Venice [Italy]—died c. 1430), prolific and versatile French poet and author whose diverse writings include numerous poems of courtly love, a biography of Charles V of France, and several works championing women. Christine de Pisan. born 1364. Venice, Italy.
  • Christine de Pizan – Ancient History Encyclopedia
    Mar 26, 2019 – Christine de Pizan (also given as Christine de Pisan, l. 1364 – c. 1430 CE) was the first female professional writer of the Middle Ages and the …
    by JJ Mark
  • Christine de Pisan – Brooklyn Museum
    (1430, Poissy, France) Christine de Pisan (Christine de Pizan) was a medieval writer and historiographer who advocated for women’s equality. Her works, considered to be some of the earliest feminist writings, include poetry, novels, biography, and autobiography, as well as literary, political, and religious commentary.
  • 3 Facts You Need to Know About Christine de Pisan
    Jul 5, 2019 – Christine de Pisan was one of the most successful women writers in the medieval period. She was a feminist even before the word was coined.
  • The Educational Ideas of Christine De Pisan – jstor
    87-90; Le livre du Chemin de Long Estude par. Christine de Pizan, ed. R. Puschel (Berlin, Paris, n.d.). 8 The Mutacion de Fortune is unpublished: Paris, B. N. Ms.
  • Biography of Christine de Pizan, Medieval Writer – ThoughtCo
    Aug 9, 2019 – Christine de Pizan (1364 to 1430), born in Venice, Italy, was an Italian writer and political and moral thinker during the late medieval period.
  • Christine de Pisan – Middle Ages
    Christine de Pisan (circa 1365 – circa 1430) was a French poet and arguably the first female author in Europe to make a living from being a writer (Marie de …
  • Christine de Pizan – King’s College
    Christine de Pizan was a French Renaissance writer who wrote some of the very first feminist pieces of literature. During the Renaissance, Christine de Pizan …

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