First Artificial Heart Transplant

American surgeon Dr. Denton A. Cooley implanted the world’s first entirely artificial heart into Haskell Karp, age 47, from Skokie, IL that took place at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston, TX, on April 4, 1969. The prosthetic heart was made of Dacron and plastic. Karp kept the heart for three days before being replaced by a transplanted human heart., and died on April 8, 1969.

      April 4, 1969
      Dr. Denton A. Cooley
      Heart Surgeon
      Houston, TX, USA

Additional Information:

  • Artificial heart – Wikipedia
    An artificial heart is a device that replaces the heart. … Although other similar inventions preceded it from the late 1940s, the first artificial heart to be successfully implanted in a human was the Jarvik-7 in 1982, designed by a team including Willem Johan Kolff and Robert Jarvik.
  • Evolution of Artificial Hearts: An Overview and History – NCBI
    Oct 6, 2014 – Paul Winchell claims that he was the first to have invented the artificial heart and that Dr. Robert Jarvik copied his ideas to invent the Jarvik heart. … In 1982, the first permanent artificial heart was transplanted into a 61-year-old patient named Barney Clark by surgeons at the University of Utah. Dr.
  • Past and Present of Total Artificial Heart Therapy: A Success …
    Jump to Historical Beats – However, history has recorded 2 TAH implantation attempts that preceded the Jarvik 7 experiment, starting almost 13 years earlier …
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    May 9, 2019 – Soviet scientist Vladimir Demikhov, a pioneer in the field of organ transplantation, implanted an artificial heart into a dog in 1937. (It wasn’t …
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    Ventriloquist Paul Winchell is granted the first patent for an artificial heart. … The first successful heart transplant is performed in Cape Town, South Africa, by Dr.

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