Hydra Display Regenerative Powers

Swiss naturalist Abraham Trembley proved organism regeneration by observing freshwater hydra, Chlorohydra viridissima, in the 18th century. Upon dissecting the tiny polyp whose body consists of a mouth surrounded by tentacles each piece regenerated individually. Trembley found that a new hydral could be grafted from two pieces. Trembley’s monograph was published in 1744.

      Abraham Trembley

Additional Information:

  • Why do Hydra end up with just a single head? — ScienceDaily
    Summary: Hydra is able to regenerate any part of its body to rebuild an entire individual. The head organizer performs two opposite activities, one activating, which causes the head to differentiate, and the other inhibiting, which prevents the formation of supernumerary heads.Jan 18, 2019
  • Mapping cells in the ‘immortal’ regenerating hydra …
    Jul 25, 2019 – The tiny hydra, a freshwater invertebrate related to jellyfish and corals, has an amazing ability to renew its cells and regenerate damaged tissue. Cut a hydra in half, and it will regenerate its body and nervous system in a couple of days.
  • Head regeneration in wild-type hydra requires de novo …
    … cells in budding rate and regenerative capacity, whereas nerve-free hydra display amazing budding and regenerative abilities (Fujisawa and Sugiyama, 1978; …
  • Why polyps regenerate and we don’t: Towards a cellular and …
    Mar 15, 2007 – Regenerating tissue pieces cut from the gastric regions show a … It turns out, not too surprisingly, that signaling in Hydra regenerating tissue …
  • Regeneration (biology) – Wikipedia
    In biology, regeneration is the process of renewal, restoration, and growth that makes genomes … For example, hydra perform regeneration but reproduce by the method of budding. The hydra … Echinoderms (such as the sea star), crayfish, many reptiles, and amphibians exhibit remarkable examples of tissue regeneration.

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