Steamboat Phoenix Makes Ocean Voyage

The Phoenix steamboat made an ocean voyage on June 10, 1809, while under the command of Moses Roger that travelled by sea from New York City, NY to Philadelphia, PA, USA navigating the Atlantic from Sandy Hook to Cape May, NJ, USA. Robert Livingston Stevens and his father, John Stevens built the 100 foot long boat in Hoboken, NJ, USA.

      June 10, 1809
      Robert Livingston Stevens
      Ship Builder
      Hoboken, NJ, USA

Additional Information:

  • Phoenix (steamboat) – Wikipedia
    Originally built to sail from New Brunswick, New Jersey, to New York City, Phoenix became the first steamboat to sail the open ocean, from New York to Philadelphia, in June 1809.
  • Phoenix | steamship | Britannica – Encyclopedia Britannica
    In June 1809 a 150-mile run in the ocean between Perth Amboy, New Jersey, and Delaware Bay was the first ocean voyage carried out by a steamboat.
  • Steamboat – Wikipedia
    A steamboat is a boat that is propelled primarily by steam power, typically driving propellers or … In 1807 Robert L. Stevens began operation of the Phoenix, which used a high-pressure engine in combination with a low-pressure condensing engine. … The first paddle-steamer to make a long ocean voyage was the 320-ton …
  • Steamboat Innovation – Hoboken Historical Museum
    It was more expensive to produce than earlier models but was significantly more efficient. … Their next steamboat, the Phoenix, would enter history as the first … to complete an ocean voyage, and the first commercially successful steamboat …

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