Colombia President, Francisco de Paula Santander

President Colombia, Francisco de Paula Santander a confederate and opponent of Simon Bolivar who fought to liberate Colombia (New Granada) from Spanish rule. Santander served as Colombia’s first president from April 1, 1833 until 1837 when the administration ended.

      April 1, 1833
      Francisco de Paula Santander

Additional Information:

  • Francisco de Paula Santander | Colombian statesman and …
    Francisco de Paula Santander, (born April 2, 1792, Rosario, New Granada [now Colombia]—died May 6, 1840, Bogotá), soldier and statesman who fought beside Simón Bolívar in the war for South American independence and who served as president of the newly formed New Granada (Colombia) from 1833 until 1837.Mar 29, 2020
  • Francisco de Paula Santander – Wikipedia
    Francisco José de Paula Santander y Omaña was a Colombian military and political leader during the 1810–1819 independence war of the United Provinces of New Granada (present-day Colombia). He was the acting President of Gran Colombia between 1819 and 1826, and …
  • Francisco de Paula Santander – New World Encyclopedia
    Francisco José de Paula Santander y Omaña (April 2, 1792 – May 6, 1840) was one … Santander returned to Colombia and served as President from 1833 until …
  • Francisco de Paula Santander Biography – Life of Colombian …
    Francisco de Paula Santander (April 2, 1792 – March 6, 1840) was a Colombian politician and military leader. He went on to become president of the Republic several times throughout his lifetime. He came from an upper-class family, his heritage a mix of Spanish and native blood.
  • Franciso de Paula Santander Facts – Biography – YourDictionary
    Francisco de Paula Santander (1792-1840), a Colombian general and statesman, was one of the leaders of Spanish American independence. He later served as first constitutional president of the Republic of New Granada.

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