English Settlement in Pettapoli, India

The first English settlement was founded on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, in Pettapoli, India in 1611. Later, England’s East India Company founded the first trading station at Machilipatnam, and in 1639 the station transferred to Madras becoming the first Indian location to be fortified.

      1611, 1639
      Pettapoli, India

Additional Information:

  • East India Company – Encyclopedia – Theodora.com
    In 1610-1611 Captain Hippon planted the first English factories on the mainland of India, at Masulipatam and at Pettapoli in the Bay of Bengal.
  • English overseas possessions – Wikipedia
    Jump to English possessions in India and the East Indies – Bantam: The English started to sail to the East Indies … Coast of India in 1611, at first reporting to Bantam. … George Town was the accompanying civilian settlement.
  • Company rule in India – Wikipedia
    Company rule in India was the rule or dominion of the British East India Company over parts of … The English East India Company (“the Company”) was founded in 1600, … It gained a foothold in India with the establishment of a factory in Masulipatnam on the Eastern coast of India in 1611 and the grant of the rights to …
    Missing: Pettapoli, ‎| Must include: Pettapoli,
  • History of India: From the First European Settlements to the …
    From the First European Settlements to the Founding of the English East India … The mud-creeks of Pettapoli, where Captain Hippon had found shelter in 1611, …
  • India – The British, 1600–1740 | Britannica
    India – India – The British, 1600–1740: The English venture to India was entrusted to … In the south the factory at Masulipatam (1611) was moved to the site of Madras … (trading houses) or in a collegiate type of settlement where life was confined, … This was the body that 40 years later launched on the sea of Indian politics

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