Congress of Panama First Held

Congress of Panama was the hemispheric diplomatic conference held in 1826 by President of Gran Colombia and Peru, Simon Bolivar. The general conference led to the unification of all the territories of Latin America, but only Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Central America sent representatives. An alliance treaty was signed proposing a future establishment of a biannual continental congress and a common army and navy. The 1827 civil war put an end to Bolivar’s hopes.

      Simon Bolivar

Additional Information:

  • Congress of Panama – Wikipedia
    The Congress of Panama (often referred to as the Amphictyonic Congress, in homage to the Amphictyonic League of Ancient Greece) was a congress organized by Simón Bolívar in 1826 with the goal of bringing together the new republics of Latin America to develop a unified policy towards Spain.
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    Apr 15, 2020 – … in June and July 1826. Source for information on Panama Congress of 1826: Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture dictionary.
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    Apr 15, 2020 – The Panama Congress, held in 1826, was intended to form a union among the newly independent Spanish American republics. Simon Bolívar …
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    President John Quincy Adams supported the participation of the United States in the Panama Congress. The purpose of this convention, called by Simon Bolivar …
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    “From the Congress of Panama to the. Conference of Caracas, 1826–1954: the genius of Bolívar seen through the history of inter-American relations”.

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