Chemist Examines Crystallized Juice by Microscope

Andreas Sigismund Marggraf, chemist and Director of the chemical laboratory at the German Academy of Sciences, Berlin (1754- 1760). In 1747, Marggraf examined crystallized juice extracted from sugar beets using a microscope proving it was chemically identical to juice extracted from sugar cane. His discovery helped found the sugar industry.

      1747, 1754 to 1760
      Andreas Sigismund Marggraf
      Berlin, Germany

Additional Information:

  • Andreas Sigismund Marggraf | German chemist | Britannica
    Andreas Sigismund Marggraf, German chemist whose discovery of beet … as identical with cane sugar by the use of a microscope, in what was perhaps the first …
  • Andreas Marggraf Facts – Biography – YourDictionary
    Andreas Sigismund Marggraf (1709-1782) was an important figure in chemistry as it evolved from alchemy in the eighteenth century. … He isolated several elements, made an important discovery about sugar, and was one of the first to use a microscope in the field of chemistry. Marggraf was born on March 3, 1709 in Berlin.
  • Andreas Sigismund Marggraf – Wikipedia
    Andreas Sigismund Marggraf was a German chemist from Berlin, then capital of the … Other students of Marggraf included Johann Gottlob Lehmann, Franz Carl Achard and probably Valentin Rose the Elder and Martin Heinrich Klaproth.
  • Andreas Marggraf |
    MARGGRAF, ANDREAS SIGISMUND(b. … of cane sugar by microscopic observation—perhaps the first such use of the microscope in the chemical laboratory.
  • Andreas Marggraf (March 3, 1709 — August 7, 1782 …
    Andreas Sigismund Marggraf was a German chemist. … by microscopic observation-perhaps the first such use of the microscope in the chemical laboratory.

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