Aloys Senefelder Creates Lithography

German playwright, Aloys Senefelder created lithography in Prague, Czech Republic in 1796. Lithography is a printing technique based on the principle that grease and water do not mix. Senefelder experimented with various printing methods to reproduce musical scores by writing in reverse on a limestone slab with greasy chalk, wet stone and rolled ink onto the writing. The greasy marks held ink, and that it could be transferred to a sheet of paper pressed against the stone.

      Aloys Senefelder
      Prague, Czech Republic

Additional Information:

  • Lithography in the Nineteenth Century | Essay | The …
    Lithography was invented around 1796 in Germany by an otherwise unknown Bavarian playwright, Alois Senefelder, who accidentally discovered that he could duplicate his scripts by writing them in greasy crayon on slabs of limestone and then printing them with rolled-on ink.
  • Lithography – Wikipedia
    The printing is from a stone (lithographic limestone) or a metal plate with a smooth surface. It was invented in 1796 by German author and actor Alois Senefelder …
  • Lithography | printing | Britannica – Encyclopedia Britannica
    Lithography, planographic printing process that makes use of the immiscibility of grease and water. … printing: Lithography: Senefelder (1796) … contrast to the straightforward and robust lithographs commercially produced in the United States …
  • Alois Senefelder Invents & Develops Lithography : History of …
    In 1796 German actor and playwright Alois Senefelder Offsite Link invented lithography Offsite Link (from Greek λίθος – lithos, ‘stone’ + γράφω – graphο, ‘to write’) …
  • A History of Lithography | ShinEtsu Microsi
    Mar 3, 2017 – Alois Senefelder produced the very first lithography print in 1796. The printing process uses a smooth stone (at the time, Senefelder used limestone) or metal plate. An image or text is drawn onto the smooth area using wax, oil or fat and is then treated with an acid and gum arabic mixture.
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