Ocean-Mapping Satellite Launched

The ocean-mapping satellite was Seasat 1, launched by the United States on June 26, 1978. The mission was to radar map the surface of the ocean, providing precise information on tides, currents, storms, undersea seismic activity, and other phenomena that affect sea level. It sampled the sea height every 3 kilometres along its orbital track, which covered the majority of the ocean surface every three days. A global ocean-surface map was later prepared from the data.

      June 26, 1978

Additional Information:

  • SeaSat – eoPortal Directory – Satellite Missions
    The SAR instrument provided a wealth of information on such diverse ocean … Marine Fisheries office in Bay St Louis, MS; the Defense Mapping Agency, … Table 1: Overview of the SeaSat program history -25 years after the launch of SeaSat …
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    mapping the ocean surface was Seasat 1, launched by the United States on June 26, 1978. Seasat was operational… >Seasat and Geosat have uncovered some significant topographic features of the ocean basins.
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    Cartwiright (1993) provides a brief history of the development of ocean tide model, as well as … The orbit error of ERS-1 is of the order of 20 cm for the OPR02 product … Since 1978, when the first oceanographic satellite (SeaSat) was launched, … of weather satellite imagery for sensing and mapping SST to dedicated ocean …
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    The (active) SAR on SEASAT was the first SAR flown on a satellite. … SAR has also proven very useful for the detailed mapping of sea ice and its motion. … Sensing” is designed to collect the technologic development history, updated theories, … With the advent of the Copernicus program and the Sentinel 1 satellites, this …
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    SeaSat (Seafaring Satellite) Mission SeaSat (also referred to as SeaSat-A prior to launch and SeaSat-1 after launch) is a pioneering Earth observation experimental mission of NASA/JPL; the first ever civilian spaceborne imaging radar instrument (SAR) was flown on SeaSat in 1978.

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