Founding of Adidas Company

Designer Adolf Dassler of the Adidas Company developed running shoes in Germany in 1949. The shoes made of a flexible rubber sole, were marked with the three parallel stripes that distinguish Adidas footwear. Modern running shoes were introduced in 1962 by New Balance, Boston, MA, USA that specialized in orthopedic shoes. Tracksters featured a one-piece rippled sole and a rubber shock absorber in the heel.

      Adolf Dassler

Additional Information:

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    Adidas was founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler who made sports shoes in his mother’s scullery or laundry room in Herzogenaurach, Germany after his return from World War I. In July 1924, his older brother Rudolf joined the business, which became Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory (Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik).
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    Jan 15, 2019 – Although urban legend has it that the word “Adidas” is an anagram of the phrase “all day I dream about sports,” the athletic wear company gets …
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    Adi Dassler start adidas on August 18, 1949 because he wanted to make a difference in athlete performance. Seventy years later, adidas has made an impact …

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