Building Taller 1500 feet

The World Financial Center in Shanghai, China, on its planned completion date in 2001, was to be 1,507 feet (460 meters) high. Making it the first building to pass 1500 feet.

But based on further investigation, construction started on 27 August 1997, construction completed 2008 and opened on 28 August 2008. with a highest as follows: Architectural 492.0 m (1,614.2 ft), Tip 494.3 m (1,621.7 ft), Roof 487.4 m (1,599.1 ft), Top floor 474.0 m (1,555.1 ft), Observatory 474 m (1,555.1 ft).

Additional Information:

      2001, August 28, 2008
      The World Financial Center
      Shanghai, China
      1,507 feet (460 meters)

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