Scented suits for men

At the beginning of January 1999, in Seoul, South Korea, you could buy Scented suits for men, for about $400 USD. The suit fabrics incorporating tiny capsules that, when touched, would released an odour of pine, peppermint, or lavender.

      January 1999
      Seoul, South Korea

Additional Information:

  • Scented suits gain popularity among South Korean men
    As Lee Soo-bum nears home after an evening out with the guys, he shimmies, shakes and occasionally rubs his chest. Then at his apartment door, the 39-year-old film company executive sniffs, smiles in satisfaction, and greets his wife. Although he’s been drinking with colleagues in a smoke-filled bar, Lee doesn’t reek of booze and cigarettes. In fact, he smells downright sweet.
  • Korean Men Seek Fashion Scents And Lavender Suits Them Just Fine
    Yoon Byung Don likes to drink and smoke, but not to smell like he does. So he went shopping for a new suit — a suit that would smell like lavender.
    Throw out the after-shave and deodorant. Scented men’s suits are about to waft into Los Angeles. But will the suit’s makers savor the sweet smell of success? Or will L.A.’s retailers and clothes buyers think the suits just stink?

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