A Woman Writes a Medical Text

A book concerning diseases of the stomach, kidneys and uterus, was written by Metrodora, a greek woman from around the 1st Century.

Additional Information:

  • Metrodora – Wikipedia
    Metrodora (c. 200-400 CE) was a Greek female physician and author of the oldest medical text known to have been written by a woman, On the Diseases and Cures of Women (Περὶ τῶν Γυναικείων παθῶν τῆς μἠτρας).
      50 CE

One thought on “A Woman Writes a Medical Text

  1. MM Hefti says:

    The name Metadora was a title for female – doctors and healers. SHE-Cleopatra VII was metadora for her great work. There are scriptures that show that Cleopatra VII studied medicine. That she spoke several languages.

    She was primarily the daughter of a royal family whose ancestry was Greek. Ptolomes.

    In the temple in Dendera, she built two sanatoriums and a hospital, as well as other laboratories for research purposes on essential oils – perfumes. Which were already developed by the ancient ancient Egyptians. This temple has always been used for medical work or essential oils have been researched, especially in the temple of Dendera.

    This development made Cleopatra VII special and Alexandria became the center of the whole world for trade in it. In the world of perfume making, this is still known today – the ancient Egyptians were great experts at it – they were the first to develop this. Through the connection with Marc Antony, she also lived in Rome. So her medical knowledge came to Rome through her. And like us today Ancient people travel to spas or retreats to ensure health and wellbeing. They travel to the temples – like in Dendera.

    In the old days People had traveled to the temples to get medical help. Medical travel tourism was also known. And often a personal reason for a trip to Egypt. And in the time of Cleopatra VII. As queen, It was the year I. Year one !!

    I am sure it would be time to make peace and give the right thing to the right people. Even if it’s a woman, a great one. She still had the old writings available, those we are allowed to have today, such as the Ebers papyrus etc. She was a great woman at a very, very, very difficult time. And please, how can anyone take a Hollywood movie as evidence of the story? But I would love to see the wonderful book you show there. I’ve worked with women’s health or women’s health for 20 years. BUT I mean health.

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