Cultured Pearls, an Invention of Kokichi Mikimoto

In 1988, Kokichi Mikimoto, a Japanese business man implanted semiglobular mother-of-pearl beads in to Pearl Oysters. His theory was that doing so, the pearloyster would produce a new pearl around the the irritating foreign globular. He then placed his implanted pearl oysters in to a protected inlet of water.

Five years later on July 11th 1893, Mikimoto pulled up the bamboo baskets of pearl oysters and found that one of the oysters indeed had produced a pearl, (mind you it was far from perfect, as it was semi-spherical). Mikimoto went on to create a monopoly in Cultured Pearl Industry.

Eventually Mikimoto’s son-in-law Tokichi Nishikewa found and developed a way to produce a spherical cultured pearl.

Kōkichi Mikimoto

      July 11th 1893
      Kokichi Mikimoto
      Japanese business man

Additional Information:

  • Mikimoto Kōkichi – Wikipedia
    Mikimoto Kōkichi (御木本 幸吉?, 10 March 1858 – 21 September 1954) was a Japanese entrepreneur who is credited with creating the first cultured pearl and subsequently starting the pearl industry with the establishment of his luxury pearl company Mikimoto.[
  • Legacy | Mikimoto America
    oday, Mikimoto is the foremost producer of the finest quality cultured pearls and a world leader in the design of exceptional jewelry. The Mikimoto name is synonymous with superior quality at every stage, from the selection of finest materials to expert workmanship to our customer service commitment.
  • Mikimoto | Mikimoto America
    Over 20 years after Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in cultivating the world’s first cultured pearl, then he established his first Black South Sea pearl farm in 1914, thereby revolutionizing the pearl industry forever.
    In 1893, Mikimoto’s founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, successfully created the world’s first cultured pearls. Thanks to his accomplishment, the beauty of pearls, once mere products of chance, became available to people in all corners of the globe.
  • Mikimoto Kokichi – Legendary Jeweler and Inventor of Cultured Pearls
    Born the son of a Japanese udon noodle chef in 1858, Mikimoto Kokichi was destined to become one of the most important names in the jewelry industry.
  • The Story of Mikimoto Pearl – Winterson Pearls
    The cultured pearl is closely associated with the name Mikimoto, a worldwide retailer and brand that is known for its Akoya pearls and luxury pearl jewellery.
  • Cultured pearl – Wikipedia
    A cultured pearl is a pearl created by an oyster farmer under controlled conditions. Cultured pearls can be farmed using two very different groups of bivalve mollusk: the freshwater river mussels, and the saltwater pearl oysters.

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