Brassiere before the Modern Bra

Roman women of the 1st Century wore Mamillare (Brassiere) long before the modern bra, which was created in 1912 by a Parisian Designer by the name of Madame Cadolle.

Additional Information:

  • History of bras – Wikipedia
    The history of bras is inextricably intertwined with the social history of the status of women, including the evolution of fashion and changing views of the female body.
  • Bra – Wikipedia
    A bra (/brɑː/) or brassiere (/brəˈzɪər/) is a form-fitting undergarment designed to support a woman’s breasts. Swimsuits, camisoles and backless dresses may be made with built-in support.
  • Evolution of the Bra – Historical Pictures of the Brassiere
    It paid to be a female Minoan athlete during the 1300s. Wall paintings depicted them wearing bandeau-like tops (for support — or to cover up!) while playing sports. Until then, women were generally bare-breasted under simple sheath dresses.
  • Bra History: The 100-Year Anniversary of the Modern Brassiere | Time
    One hundred years ago today, on Nov. 3, 1914, the United States issued a patent for the first modern bra. But when observing this milestone, perhaps we should instead celebrate the greatest perk (pun intended) that bras provide: For 100 years, women have been able to experience the joy of taking off the constricting garment after a long day.
  • History of the Bra – Women’s Health
    The bra has come a long way since it’s inception—here’s a look at how the brassiere as we know came to be…
  • Herminie Cadolle – Wikipedia
    Herminie Cadolle (1845–1926) was the inventor of the modern bra and founder of the Cadolle lingerie house.
      1912, 50 CE, 1st Century
      Madame Cadolle
      Parisian Designer

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