Metal Stirrups

The Chinese were producing metal foot stirrups made of Cast Iron or Bronze in 250 CE. Well before the concept reached Europe in 570 CE, via the Byzantine Empire. The earliest mention of stirrups in Europe was in the military manual called “Strategikon”, written by a Byzantine General (later emperor) Mauricius Flavins Tiberius in 580 CE. By the 8th Century, the Viking raiders had adopted them and brought them to the Western and Northern Europe.

      570 CE, 250 CE, 580 CE
      Stirrup Crafting

Additional Information:

  • Stirrup – Wikipedia
    a single stirrup was used as a mounting aid, and paired stirrups appeared after the invention of the treed saddle. The stirrup was invented in China in the first few centuries C.E. and spread westward through the nomadic peoples of Central Eurasia.
  • A Short History of a Useful Item – The Stirrup – PonyBox
    ust about every rider – English or Western – relies on stirrups to get on and off, to keep their balance, and to make riding more enjoyable. It’s easy to take them for granted. But where did they come from? The first time horses were used for riding was in Asia, around 5000BC.
  • Invention of the Stirrup – Asian History –
    It seems like such a simple idea. Why not add two pieces to the saddle, hanging down on either side, for your feet to rest in while you ride a horse? After all, humans seem to have domesticated the horse around 4500 BCE. The saddle was invented at least as early as 800 BCE, yet the first proper stirrup probably came about roughly 1,000 years later, around 200-300 CE.
  • How the Stirrup Changed Our World
    Aside from the wheel, there are few inventions that have had the impact on history and culture as the stirrup. Many people believe that it was responsible for the entire feudal system and no one will argue that the stirrup the single most important factor in the rise of the mounted knight as the dominant weapon of the medieval period.
  • The Chinese Learn to Ride for Survival | International Museum of the …
    While it is hard to say with any certainty when the horse was first ridden in China, it is felt that the Chinese had acquired a form of the saddle by the seventh century BCE, and that cavalry first appeared during the Warring States period of the Eastern Zhou dynasty (475-221 BCE).
  • The stirrup and its effect on chinese military history
    Lynn White, in his Medieval Technology and Social Change, offers the interesting hypothesis that the feudal class of the European Middle Ages derived ultimately from the stirrup. After the arrival of the stirrup in Europe by the eighth century, and the primacy this gave the horse and armor in warfare, the state made, land grants in return for the pledge to provide armored knights on horseback when called.

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