United Nations: Deputy Secretary-General

Named to the post of Deputy Secretary-General position in January 1998, was former Deputy Minister of National Defence, Louis Frechette. In this new United Nations’ position, Frechette was to aid the then Secretary General, Kofi Atta Annon with the redesign of the administrative structure of the United Nations.

For More Information:

  • Louise Fréchette – Wikipedia
    Louise Fréchette, OC (born July 16, 1946) was United Nations Deputy Secretary-General for eight years, and a long-time Canadian diplomat and public servant.
  • Being UN Deputy Secretary-General: Louise Fréchette
    Louise Fréchette, a Canadian, was the first United Nations deputy secretary-general. Appointed by Kofi Annan, she took office in March 1998, bringing to the job qualifications that exceeded those of most UN secretaries-general.

      January 1998
      Louis Frechette
      Deputy Secretary-General of United Nation
      formerly Deputy Minister of National Defence
      Canada / United Nation

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