Free dispensary for the poor

Paris, France in 1635, physician to King Louis XIII and a journalist by the name of Theophraste Renaudot, opened the first free dispensary for the poor and also became the first director of it too. Theophraste Renaudot a few years earlier in 1930 founded the first medical advisory clinic.

      Theophraste Renaudot
      Physician and Journalist
      Paris, France

Additional Information:

  • Théophraste Renaudot – Wikipedia
    Théophraste Renaudot (1586 – 25 October 1653) was a French physician, philanthropist, and journalist. Mark Tungate has termed him the “first French journalist” and the “inventor of the personal ad”.[1]
  • Theophraste Renaudot | French journalist |
    Théophraste Renaudot, (born 1586?, Loudun, France—died Oct. 25, 1653, Paris), physician and social-service administrator who, as the founder of France’s first newspaper, is considered the father of French journalism.

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