Theodore William Richards, first North American to receive Nobel Prize in Chemistry

First North American presented the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was in 1914

Theodore William Richards of Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA, was presented with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1914, and the prize of 146,900 Swedish kroner(approx $38,113.00 USD at the time) was presented on November 12, 1915, in Stockholm.

Quote: “in recognition of his accurate determination of the atomic weight of a large number of chemical elements.”

Additional Information:

  • Theodore W. Richards: Biographical
    Theodore William Richards was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania, USA on January 31, 1868. His father, William T. Richards was a well-known painter of landscapes and seascapes: his mother, Anna, née Matlack, won fame for her poetical works.
  • Theodore W. Richards: Facts
    The world around us consists of molecules that are composed of atoms. There are a number of different types of atoms, which are called elements. The atoms for different elements have different masses.
  • Theodore W. Richards: Nobel Lecture
    Atomic Weights | With deep earnestness I express my heartfelt gratitude for the great honour which you, eminent Fellows of this celebrated Royal Academy, have bestowed upon me. This honour gave me pleasure which could not be overestimated or over-stated.
  • Theodore W. Richards: Nominations
    Nominated on 33 occasions for the Nobel Prize in…
  • Theodore William Richards – Wikipedia
    Theodore William Richards (January 31, 1868 – April 2, 1928) was the first American scientist to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, earning the award “in recognition of his exact determinations of the atomic weights of a large number of the chemical elements.
  • Theodore William Richards | Chemical Heritage Foundation
    The son of a poet and a painter, Richards went on to become a prolific scientist who is best remembered for his investigations into atomic weights.
  • Theodore William Richards facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia …
    Richards was the son of gifted parents: William Trost Richards, a noted painter of seascapes, and Anna Matlack Richards, a Quaker author and poet.
  • Theodore William Richards Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements …
    Theodore William Richards was an American scientist who was awarded the 1914 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, life, research work, career, achievements and timeline.
      1914, November 12th 1915
      Theodore William Richards
      Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

Theodore William Richards


      January 31, 1868, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
      April 2, 1928, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
      William Trost Richards,
      Anna Richards
      Grace Thayer Conant,
      Greenough Thayer Richards
      William Theodore Richards

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