Mahavastu was the first Biography of the Buddha

Mahavastu (Great Story), a Biography of the Buddha, was also an anonymous Sanskrit work from the second century BCE. There were additions added after this time as well. In the text are descriptions of the many miraculous and legendary events which are associated with the life of Siddhartha Gautama, who was the founder of Buddhism.

      150 BCE

Additional Information:

  • Mahāvastu – Wikipedia
    The Mahāvastu (Sanskrit for “Great Event” or “Great Story”) is a text of the Lokottaravāda school of Early Buddhism. It describes itself as being a historical preface to the Buddhist monastic codes (vinaya).
  • Early Buddhist Texts – Mahavastu – Ancient Buddhist Texts
    As belonging to the old school of Hīnayāna we have in the first place to mention the Mahāvastu “the Book of the Great Events.”
  • Mahavastu | Buddhist literature |
    Mahāvastu, (Sanskrit: “Great Story”), important legendary life of the Buddha, produced as a late canonical work by the Mahāsaṅghika school of early Buddhism and presented as a historical introduction to the vinaya, the section of the canon dealing with monastic discipline.
  • Full text of “Sacred books of the Buddhists” – Internet Archive
    The following translation of the Mahdvastu was undertaken
    at the request of the late Mrs. Rhys Davids. As is well known,
    it was her inspired aim to have all Buddhist scriptures made
    available for students in translation as well as in the original

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