Magician to use electricity in his act

Beginning in 1845, Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin (Magician) of Blois, France started using electricity in his act, preforming in Paris theatres, baffling audiences with brilliant sleight-of-hand tricks. Electric signalling devices helped in his mind-reading tricks. Specially designed boxes with hidden supports and other conjuring equipment were also used in his performances.

Additional Information:

  • Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin – Wikipedia
    Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin (December 7, 1805 – June 13, 1871) was a French magician. He is widely considered the father of the modern style of conjuring.
  • Jean Eugene Robert Houdin
    Master of magic Robert-Houdin was born Jean-Eugene Robert in Blois, France, on 7 December 1805—a day after his autobiography said he was. His father, Prosper Robert, was one of the best watchmakers in Blois.
  • Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin – Magician –
    French conjurer Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin’s innovations earned him the sobriquet “the father of modern magic.”
  • Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, The Father of Modern Magic Who …
    Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin was a French magician who lived during the 19th century. Amongst other things, Robert-Houdin is commonly regarded today as the originator of the modern style of conjuring (the performance of magical tricks), and has even been dubbed by some as the ‘father of modern magic’.
  • Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin | French magician |
    Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, original name Jean-Eugène Robert (born Dec. 6, 1805, Blois, Fr.—died June 13, 1871, St. Gervais, near Blois), French magician who is considered to be the father of modern conjuring. He was the first magician to use electricity; he improved the signalling method for the “thought transference” trick; and he exposed “fakes” and magicians who relied on supernatural explanations for their feats.
  • Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin Biography – Life of French Magician
    Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin (1805-1871) was a French magician. He is generally considered to have been the originator of conjuring in its modern sense.
  • Robert-Houdin’s Marvelous Orange Tree – YouTube
  • Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin – Magicpedia – Genii Magazine
    He was educated at the university of Orléans, and for a short time worked as a watchmaker. When he accidentally received a book on conjuring he became very interested in the art and began taking lessons from a local amateur magician.
  • Jean Eugene Robert Houdin facts, information, pictures …
    Jean Eugène Robert Houdin or Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin (zhäN özhĕn´ rōbĕr´ ōōdăN´), 1805–71, French conjurer and magician.
      Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin
      Blois, France

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