The Cast Iron Plow

After obtained the patent in 1785, the English inventor Robert Ransome, started to build his cast-iron plows.

      Robert Ransome
      English inventor

Additional Information:

  • Robert Ransome – Wikipedia
    Robert Ransome was born in Wells, Norfolk, son of Richard Ransome, a schoolmaster. His grandfather, Richard Ransome, was a miller of North Walsham, Norfolk, and an early Quaker who suffered frequent imprisonment while on preaching journeys in various parts of England, Ireland, and Holland; he died in Bristol in 1716.
  • Cast Iron Plow – a brief history: Chales Newbold, David Peacock …
    The plow evolved from the all-wood designs of antiquity, to the use of iron parts. In 1720, the first English patent for a wooden moldboard sheathed with iron was issued to Joseph Foljambe.
  • 1797 The Cast Iron Plow: The First Step in the Evolution of the Plow …
    Charles Newbold’s cast iron plow was the first of its kind to be patented. It featured 1 piece cast construction with wood handles. Previous plows were made of wood, and did not cultivate the soil nearly as efficiently as Newbold’s plow.
  • computersmiths – History of Chinese Invention – Iron Plow
    The Bible frequently refers to the plow (or charash or arotrioo) and recognizes its importance to providing food. Of all the advantages China had for centuries over the rest of the world, the greatest may have been the ability to sustain its large and growing population through agricultural technology.

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