First Lace factory

Venetian noblewoman, Duchess Morosina Morosini, set up the first Lace factory, while under the direction of Catina Gardin, in 1595. The Lace factory employed 130 craftswomen.

      Duchess Morosina Morosini
      Venice, Italy

Additional Information:

  • Morosina Morosini – Wikipedia
    Morosina Morosini-Grimani was the daughter of Andrea Morosini, a wealthy Venetian patrician. She married in 1560 to Marino Grimani. With her spouse’s election as doge in 1595, her own coronation as official dogaressa consort was conducted with enormous pomp and ceremony in May 1597.
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    St. Mark’s Basilica houses an incredible treasure: reliquaries and objects in precious materials. Among these you can see several golden roses, a gift of the Popes.
  • Lace: A Sumptuous History |
    Lace, a decorative openwork web, was first developed in Europe during the sixteenth century. Two distinct types of lace making—needle lace and bobbin lace—began simultaneously. … Lace thread was typically made from linen, and later silk or metallic gold threads, followed by cotton in the nineteenth century.
  • A Brief History of Hosiery Manufacture and Lacemaking in Nottingham.
    Although Nottingham in 1800 was a very different place than it had been 100 years earlier, far greater changes were to take place in the next century. It was then that the term ‘Lace Market’ in relation to the area of the old borough came into use.
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    Lace has long been a treasured decorative element for fashion, especially bridal fashion. Cherished for its delicate workmanship and airy patterns, lace has been worn as an adornment since the 15th Century.

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